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March 19th, 2010

This is the most important video we ever shared with you.

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It is an interview with Bob Proctor and Lanny Morton, and in it Bob explains what the secret to life is.

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P.S. If you’ve ever bought a personal-success product or book, only to have it gather dust on your shelf, this will really help you:

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P.P.S. Be sure to laugh when Bob Proctor says that he’s not Bob Proctor. Classic!

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Self-help, Entrepreneur Book Authored By 60 Mentors And Millionaires.

November 30th, 2009

Successful entrepreneurs are usually too busy growing their own businesses; they rarely have time to share their secrets in books.

Belly-to-belly selling, global branding and positioning, online marketing, small business marketing, direct marketing, and product development; his experience has left no stone unturned.

60 Inspirational Mentors And Millionaires Teach You The Secrets Of Prosperity In Business And Life!

She is the author of the books: ?Reach Your Career Dreams,? ?Feel and Grow Rich, Success Is an Inside Job? and ?Spiritual Power Tools for Successful Selling .? Lee also has educational audio and video program

Suze Orman is the author of four consecutive ?New York Times? bestsellers, ?The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom?; The Courage to Be Rich?; ?The Road to Wealth; and The Laws of Money, The Lessons of Life;? and the national bestseller ?You?ve Earned It, Don?t Lose It and Suze Orman?s Financial Guidebook.?

His ?You Chan Do It!? Personal Achievement Newsletter is subscribed by thousands of people around the world, and it is where Patric shares his valuable self-improvement tips and lessons that will take the subscriber to the next level of personal improvemen

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Self Improvement, Personal Development And Success Strategies.

November 30th, 2009

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She specializes in using Comprehensive Coaching principles to create extraordinary growth for her clients’ lives and businesses, and has been coaching professionals and companies, and training others to use coaching skills every day to experience much greater business, financial and personal success, discovering better ways to grow profitable businesses, restore balance in life, and bring greater joy to each da

Master Coach, CEO and entrepreneur, Terri Levine, The Guru of Coaching SM, Ph.D., MCC, PCC, MS, CCC-SLP, made the transition from senior executive to become one of the top professional coaches in the industry, founded a leading coach training school, and has worked with clients from every walk of lif

I also know what it feels like to write an award-winning book, to be written about in others’ books and to be featured in the same book with His Royal Highness, Prince Philip of Great Britain, the Dalai Lama and Paul and Linda McCartney.

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My definition of success — I’ve no more money worries in life, having spiritual and mental wellbeing, living with the love of my life, having my own businesses that are generating income without stress, gaining respect from all walks of life, becoming an international speaker, associating with the ranks of successful entrepreneurs and millionaires, writing my own book, et

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Life Development Skills Nevada

November 29th, 2009

Author: crazycoffeeguy

Keywords: life development skills solutions self improvement health wealth Nevada PMA success formula daily mindset

Added: November 8, 2009

Creative Visualization: Manifesting Success

November 29th, 2009

Author: blackstonerich

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Added: November 16, 2009

Medical self help

November 29th, 2009

Self help is actually the cure of the problems which every one faces in daily life. The problems could be related to anything, may be some one has not good enough earning, may be some one does not have cure to illness or any sort of addiction. The life a person gets is a very short one. No one can live with a tag of these problems on their head. There has to be some cure. And the cure itself lies with oneself.

Now days everyone just tries to take care of all the worldly matters and they have just a little time for themselves. At the same time every person desires to have a long life but they are not ready to spare that much time over there health.

As the health is the most important and foremost thing for every one, there should be a regular amount of exercise in order to stay healthy and active. This then definitely would not let the person be sick. But this is life, the most uncertain thing, most of the people get sick every other day which is due to lack of exercise or may be because of a lot of stress.
To stay fit and hundred percent all the time, there should be no hesitation for man to find a cure for his illness by his own self. As this world is based on the concept of self help, there are enough facilities available for every one.

A routine check up is some thing which keeps you updated with how fit and healthy you are. All what is required is the initiation to go to a doctor and have your self checked up; even when you think that you are all right. Because bad time and bad health are nearly the same things, as they both never alarms you before their arrival.

In everyday scenario person gets several types of injuries, minor ones tough, the cure for them is the sensible use of mans self help. A lot of medicines are available in market which takes care of the injuries in a flash. All it requires is a know how of what kind of medicine should be taken at that specific time. But of course in order to have knowledge about what medicine could cure the specific injury, a little bit of self help is required.

All it takes is just a little self help, about the minor injuries and the cure medicine for that, this way there won’t be any chance of getting sick for a long period of time, as the man would cure himself by self help.

Self help debt reduction

November 28th, 2009

A major part of life that is related to the life of every individual is the finance or the money. You want money for everything and anything in your life. Be it the funding of education for your college or be it the buying of a new car for your own self. You always need money to do these tasks. These are not the only tasks which involve money to dot hem. In fact there are hundreds and thousands of other tasks as well. In fact almost every matter in life is related to the money. From your birth to your death, everything is related to money. Imagine that when you are born you have to give money to the doctor and when you die you have to give money to the coffin maker. But generating money is never an easy task. You have to do a lot of hard work in order to generate money for the living. But sometimes meeting your expenses is a hard task and sometimes you can not manage to meet the expenses. In such cases you have to rely upon the banks and other companies which give you loan. Although these loans or debts fill our need and makes able to do things which needed the money that we never had, but on the other hand these debts and loans have other issues.

The debt or loans that we take require us to pay more than what we actually took. You have to pay back these debts in monthly payments. There is a lot of interest rate which is charged on these amounts that you want to take out. This is the thing which is unknown to many individuals. They think that it will easy to pay off these loans as monthly payments but they are unaware of the facts that these loans require more than what you actually took. Therefore many people get trapped in these loans and are unable to pay them back. This causes them a bad credit score and affects their whole lives. You can help your self to pay off these debts easily. By doing little research and by doing some work which requires you to pay off the debts. You can pay of these debts by making you lifestyle less lavish. Avoid going to the restaurants every day and do not spend on things that you do not need. Also try to save the money on the grocery.

Self Improvement and How to Unlock the Power

November 28th, 2009

Author: khime65

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Self Improvement, Michael Quinn

November 28th, 2009

Author: mpq2

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Self Improvement by Power of Intention

November 28th, 2009

Author: blackstonerich

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Added: November 21, 2009